Israel Isn’t Real, Or Is It?

by Jason Shepherd

As one enters UNGA Special Session, the first half hour proved to be rather uneventful. However, in a moment of thunder, the first thing of importance was heard, when the delegate of Israel said, “It is a tradition in UN to go against Israel”.

Now, as far as that might be true, it certainly came to be sort of true in today’s committee.

The agenda was ‘The Israel-Palestine Conflict’ which, for the sake of knowledge, is the adamant denial of Palestinians to recognise Israel as a country. Naturally, the Israeli delegate out of utter impatience asked that, how can he negotiate with the Palestinian delegate, if the country he speaks for is not acknowledged as one at all.

While this not-so-subtle plea for acknowledgement continues, the delegate of UAE presented the topic of the blockade in the Gaza strait, since 2006. The President of the committee, Mr Satrajit Sahani, almost immediately instructed the delegate of Palestine to clarify and verify the issue raised by his fellow delegate. And that, much to an onlooker’s amusement, led to the downfall of the might, and loud delegate of Palestine. His high spirits and opinionated voice did not fail to quiver.

Apart from the ongoing discourse, the delegates of China and the United States of America seemed to have their own set of disagreements. While, the other “esteemed” members of the committee had a playful banter with their imaginary fellow delegated of Slumber Land.  Many of them seemed to have come unprepared, one of its examples being the delegate of Egypt not knowing the full name of his country.

One rather shameful and saddening truth was the unpreparedness of the delegates, like that of the delegate of Egypt, who embarrassingly did not know the full name of his country.

The Israeli and Palestinian conflict brought about many pointless arguments, leading nowhere in the first session. Although, when the President took charge of the discussion himself, he moulded the delegates through his experience. He literally extracted the needful questions and eventually managed to guide them to a blueprint of a solution.

It was quite interesting to witness how the UNGA Special Session’s President’s knowledge, experience and candour guided the inexperienced and illogical strides of the delegates in the right direction.


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