Amidst Chaos and Rajneeti Livened Lok Sabha

by Shreya Bansal

The Lok Sabha although not an international UN body, is a detailed committee where the participants impersonate the actual MPs that sit in the Indian Lok Sabha. The agenda for the Lok Sabha ISTE-MUN’17 was the electoral reforms.

The session commenced with the MPs proposing notices. The notices by the Congress party were easily slapped down by the Governing Party owing to their sheer numbers. Dejected by this the Opposition Walked out of the House for a period of half an hour after the motion to discuss the issue of The Power of the Governor keeping in mind the recent Goa Elections.

There was a divisive discussion in the morning session on Communalisation of Politics which was passed on the discretion of the Speaker. The constituency of Vidisha stated that the accusation that BJP is a communal party is a feeble attempt by the opposition to divert the discussion from issues that might be actually important. She also stated that BJP won the UP election in spite of the fact that UP has the majority of the Muslims in India implying that the party has won over the hearts of the Muslims and that they are not a Communal Party.

The Ruling party briefly talked about the UCC it has been trying to introduce. The Constituency of Jhansi reiterates its stand to draft the Uniform Civil Code. She concluded by quoting Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi:

“Gaon mein agar kabristan banta hai to gaon mein  shamshaan bhi banana chahiye. Agar Holi me bijli milti hai to Eid par bhi bijle milni chahiye. Bhedbhav nahi hona chahiye”.

The committee went a little downhill in its vigour and energy after lunch. The session was closed and the speaker opened a group discussion. There was some enthusiastic participation in the proceedings after that.

Only after the Director General’s involvement in the Lok Sabha did it pick up its dynamism.


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