Fair Trade of Ideas in UNCTAD

by Simran Sharma

The committee commenced with a reminder from the Delegate of China, that the day’s session would mainly focus on finding and implementing solutions on Unilateral Trade Sanctions. With that, the Delegate suggested some facts like the promotion of employment and education in sanctioned countries.  Then the discussion was carried forward by the Delegate of Pakistan who stated measures to increase financial trade. The Delegate also suggested that WHO camps can be set up in different countries to provide food and medicine to people.

However, the council soon transitioned into a formal debate with the Delegate of Nigeria raising the motion to set up the General Speaker’s List for the Promotion of employment in sanctioned countries. Most delegates in this General Speaker’s List supported the promotion of employment in their country as it would increase the imports of that country.

On their turn, the Delegate of India proposed trade agreements and increasing agriculture in other countries. However, many delegates didn’t approve of the Indian delegate’s stand on the agriculture, provided not all the countries were suitable for agricultural practices.

Later, the Delegate of Iran made quite an interesting speech, by saying there should be a special agency or external body, working outside the UN which handles the trade rules and regulations and keeps a check on it. The special agency would consist of five experts from different countries so as to avoid an unbiased opinion. This point was vigorously opposed by the Delegate of Nigeria and Swiss Federation, as they believed the existence of an external council could harm the UN and could possibly be mishandled. Instead, delegate of Nigeria brought up a great point of Internal Devaluation and supported it by saying, “Internal Devaluation of currency boosts up a country’s economy”.

After dedicated sessions to both FDI, and Fiscal Policies and Stability, the committee was finally on its way of building up a set of solutions that the Committee on Trade and Development would forward to the other councils.

The Chair of the committee, however, on being asked by the International Press about the view on committee smilingly assured, ” The committee would definitely come up with a strong resolution against the Unilateral Trade Sanctions and propose some new laws for trade and import – export regulations”.

Overall, the second session was quite interactive. There were some controversial points made by some of the delegates along with a lot of fun. The Delegates seemed to be very satisfied after the committee sessions.


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