Striving towards Protection of Human Rights in Post-Conflict Society

by Shweta Airan

The agenda of the Committee in this is to discuss the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in post conflict society.

The Committee in the day’s session discussed the issue with respect to the Rwandan Genocide, the wrong disbursement of funds in Rwanda, Mistreatment of Rwandan people by other African countries and Lack of transparency in govt.

Some major allegations were made against Belgium by China, stating that Belgium was responsible for Rwandan genocide. The story behind goes like this: Two tribes named Hutu and Tutsi, majorly originated from Rwanda and Burundi had differences between them. The conflict between these two tribes is infamous for having a bloody history. The president of the Hutu government was murdered, it was believed that this was done by the Tutsi people.

The committee also threw light on the media exploiting its powers, Iraq- Syria Crisis, Minority rights all over the world, Women security, Women education, Role of NGOs in protecting Human Rights and sexual harassment.

The USA claimed that aid was provided to Rwandan people but at the same time it questions Rwanda’s ability in disbursement of funds.

Among the other issues raised, some were:

  • Ghana has claimed that UN has not paid attention to the level of education of women in their country as they still believe in witchcraft and superstitions. They are also against police brutality towards the people of Ghana.
  • Nigeria pleads to the government to be transparent.
  • USA wants to have holistic approach towards the causes of the conflict.
  • India feels that the role of NGOs’ is very important in recovering from the post – conflict issues raised. It also feels that more emphasis should be given to the solutions for child abuse, sexual harassment of women and minority rights.
  • Portugal feels that UN has not helped Rwanda to its full potential and requests UN to raise more funds for Rwanda.
  • Germany claims that Rwanda already got help from UN members but they were not used efficiently.

Apart from this, some strategic conversations could be seen between Rwanda delegate  and USA delegate regarding Iraq-Syria conflict and Rwanda asking USA to defends themselves from allegations placed on them. Rwanda delegate also claimed that Sood Soins keeps blaming Rwandan genocide on Belgium.

Hence, the session was adjourned.


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