The Deafeningly “Peaceful” Day: Special Committee for Peacekeeping Operations

by Yashvi Patel

The committee began with the discussion of the agenda “Expansion of mandate of the Peacekeeping Operations”.

The delegate of Germany raised a motion of Formal-Informal followed by her short speech on peacekeeping. The delegates of the various countries didn’t seem to be interested in participating in the motion. But, there were a few delegates who tried to present their points to the council.

There was still a time where there was a small point of discussion when the delegate of Saudi Arabia raised a question about each country having their own “Reserved Forces for Peacekeeping” and was well answered by the Chairperson informing that, if that happened then it would be against the sovereignty of any country. After which only a few selected delegates spoke upon various problems and tried to discuss their solutions but failed because of the lack of response from the council.

Finally, an un-moderated motion was raised and the Chairperson walked out of the room. Even after discussing for about twenty minutes during the unmoderated motion, the delegates of various countries were unable to have a clear idea about what were they going to talk about. At the end of the first session, the Chairperson was genuinely unsatisfied with the committee members.

The second session was held just after the lunch. Discussions between an unsatisfied Chairperson and with clueless delegates made the environment of the second session more interesting than the first session.

A Formal-Informal motion was raised and almost all delegates tried to discuss and there seemed a real discussion but they discussed on only one topic (South Sudan) which lasted too long, which somewhere took the discussion off-track.

“Stop talking about South Sudan” saying chits went around the room. And again there were those same clueless faces the Chairperson had to see. Ultimately, he had to pass the motion of Suspension of Rules giving the fellow delegates the time to research and discuss. After a twenty minute rule suspension time, the delegates were unable, to sum up, their ideas. There were barely any delegates who got up for the Speaker’s List too. The second session ended with a very short Formal-Informal motion.

The third session was held after a short tea break. Now it got even more intense than before. The Chairperson had already introduced the sub-agendas for discussion because there were no such point-to-point discussions held in the past two sessions. There was no response by any delegate related to the sub-topics. This made the situation worse for everyone. The Chairperson now started an informal talk with the delegates to know the real problem. The talk concluded that the members were actually not clear about their own country stand which was one of the main points of the committee’s agenda.


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