The Unwavering Presence of Mobiles and the Mini War of Words

by Simran Sharma

The committee commenced with the discussion of the agenda “Unilateral trade sanctions and its implications on development.”

Vice-chair of the committee briefed all the delegates regarding the agenda.
So the committee started its discussion with the opening speeches given by the Delegate of Russia. The Delegate of Russia discussed its country’s problems and appealed to the council to provide solutions to the problem.

In the first committee session, most of the delegates were quite inactive there were many first timers in the discussion. Then the discussion was proceeded forward by the Delegate Of China and Delegate of Switzerland.

After about ten to fifteen minutes of the opening speech discussion, Delegate of Russia raised a motion for the formal-informal session. The formal-informal session didn’t seem to go in the right direction as all the delegates were still confused about the topic. Thus, the Vice Chair guided the delegates quite patiently. In the first session, delegates were seen using mobiles and other electronic devices to access information on the topic. Also, there was no point of order raised by the delegates in the first session.

The discourse was carried forward by Delegate of China, Germany and Russia.

Amidst all the inexperience Delegate of Russia was a pleasant surprise. She seemed to be comparatively more knowledgeable regarding the session nuances, as she followed the decorum by the book.

The Delegates of Russia, China and Germany seemed to have formed a block amongst themselves. There were too many internal discussions going on which was violating the code of conduct of the committee. Moreover, all the countries seemed to target the United States of America. Naturally, the first half of the session turned out to be pointless and directionless.

The second half of the discussion was actually quite interesting. All the delegates were quite active and involved in the session. The Chair of the committee joined the discussion in the second half. The first thing he did was brief the delegates again, to clarify all the doubts regarding the norms and agenda. The Chair discussed the 17 SDG goals of UN and stated out the agenda more clearly.

After the Chair was done clearing points of discrepancy amongst the candidates, the discussion seemed to be have taken a step in the right direction. Delegate of Switzerland stated his point, that international peace and security should be the main motto of Trade Sanctions while the Delegate of Iraq stated that the basic mottto of the sanctions should be to reduce hardships on the citizens.

Whilst there was a serious session on, there were a few undeniably fun moments too. There was a war of words between the Delegate of Pakistan and Delegate of Oman in which Oman entered into a childish war with Pakistan.

Sadly, even after clear instructions by the Chair, many people were seen using electronic devices.  Despite this, the Chair was quite helpful and calm.

Even after spending four hours in the first half, the second half saw the bare minimum of participation from the delegates’ side. Yet, the Chair decided to be encouraging and motivated the delegates to speak. This gesture was highly appreciable.

Finally, the committee session ended with the discussion of all the problems on hand.


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