Disrupting Peace for the Sake of Peacekeeping

by Yashvi Patel

After the uneventfully eventful session on day one, the second day had fresh zeal and calm. The Special Committee for Peacekeeping Operations started with the General Speaker’s List. Fortunately, on the second day, it appeared to be more enthusiastic than the previous committee sessions. The delegates seemed a comparatively well prepared.

The delegates gave short and precise points about their country’s stand in peacekeeping and the number of peacekeepers in their country.  The regular roundabouts regarding the problems and the probable solutions went on for the majority chunk of the session.

As the session progressed towards its last hour of the first half, an unmoderated motion was raised so that the delegates could zero down on plausible and applicable solutions. The delegates divided themselves into two groups of ‘for’ and ‘against’.

At the end of the first half of the session, the delegates were ready with a list of around ten to twelve solutions which were strong enough to overcome the problems of peacekeeping in various countries.

Post lunch, the discussion got quite engaging. After a lot of agreements and disagreements, the solutions were handed to the Chairperson. A formal-informal for the discussion of the solutions stated was raised. During this discussion, the delegate of Pakistan made a controversial statement that women should be stopped from getting involved in the peacekeeping or any war zone. The statement encouraged the women delegates in the room and there was an intense debate on the biased statement by the delegate of Pakistan.his discussion consumed more than required time. For some time the

Amidst this partially fruitful discussion, delegate of Pakistan had the audacity to begun a controversy. He very seamlessly suggested that women should be stopped from participating and being involved in peacekeeping operations or any war zone.uring this discussion, the delegate of Pakistan made a controversial statement that women should be stopped from getting involved in the peacekeeping or any war zone.

Instantaneously all the female delegates, irrespective of their country  statement intimated their disapproval and objection towards such a sexist comment. The agenda, soon it seemed, turned into that of “Women Equality and Empowerment”, although quite necessarily.

Later, the delegates of United Kingdoms and Saudi Arabia started a debate on the ‘First Shoot Policy’ and were further accompanied by the delegates of the various countries. The motion was extended. It seemed like lunch had worked its charm, as the delegates were unusually proactive. After having discussed the issue of shooting and a lenghty one regarding deployment of troops, the committee resumed to work towards solutions.

The motion of moderated formal-informal was introduced for the committee to draft the resolution. But the recommendations stated in the draft had no proper or specific elaborations.

It is very uncanny this peace will bring out an effective peacekeeping solution.


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