Letter from the Head of International Press


Hope this e-letter finds my fellow Executive Board members, the esteemed Secretariat, participating delegates and the heart, the organising committee in good health and state.

Life is full of possibilities, isn’t it? A journey, that enables us to live every day differently. And what makes it better are the experiences we have as we enter a new phase, place or meet new people. It is the sole witness to the evolution of a human being both on a physical and intellectual level. And, until I attended a Model United Nations conference, I never could have fathomed that something could come so close to a lifetime of experiences.

This statement is neither a play of hyperbole nor a picture painted by my ever so romantic mind.

I say this, quite proudly, through the way two days of my life passed bustling with innumerable perceptions and moments. It is that one stop destination to transform yourself if that is what you seek.

I have seen the most reserved of people, hustle and exert aggression while debating during an unmoderated session. There have been testimonies of a mere eleventh grader surpass the knowledge of people way beyond their age. It consolidates all that matters socially, politically, globally and on the hindsight, personally in a matter of forty-eight hours. Furthermore, it is that one place where in every moment you are either busy learning or teaching.

Therefore, it was an absolute delight preparing The Committee Communiqué along with my team of International Press. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did while creating it for you.

And before I part ways, I think it is rather befitting to express my gratitude towards the services and hospitality of the entire team of ISTE Model United Nation’17.

Regards, Abha Mehra
Head of the International Press